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Hotel view/ Do not Disturb

DND or the sign with so many meanings, with no exact date when it came to life, but which by definition tests the imagination. They say that what happens behind closed doors stays there, isn’t it?

“Do not disturb” may be the right to intimacy, simply the need to sleep more or acting and expressing desires that everyday reality does not fit. When you work in the hotel, the mind continually expands, people push the limits of what you know and teach you to be more tolerant and maybe wiser. Either good or bad, every interaction can enrich you.

This sign, which with every blink of an eye changes like the role-plays in a movie, is supposed to have appeared sometimes in the 1920s, and now it is so notorious that even my daughter has one on the door. You can find it anywhere: in home-based shops, as a smartphone function, in syrup novels or as a theme for wild parties!

My daughter’s DND sign

But I chose to talk about it for another reason. Because this fragile boundary between intimacy, luxury, promiscuity or sustainability cannot be confidential but in terms of safety and security for all people involved. This is another reason to praise the people who represent the hotel industry as they take the risks and their huge role in the awareness of danger.

After the Las Vegas shootings, Disney World hotels changed this sign to „room occupied,” a situation that does not exclude the right of employees to enter the hotel room at least once during a 24-hour period. Although they have not officially stated that this is the reason, in some countries the balance can be tilted at any time in the negative side of the story, where there can be attacks, trafficking, abuse, drugs, prostitution, terrorism, and prevention measures need to be adjusted to the present time. In some hotels, the maid notifies the guest via a message under the door that she was unable to service the room and that she will return.

We will see in the near future the direction the hotel industry will take in this regard! The economic part of this sign, besides the intimacy of the guest who paid for it, is that it excludes part of the cleaning service, thus reducing the hotel’s expenses. However, cases when it’s used are small, but safety is and will always be on the first place.

Fortunately, Romania is a safe destination, recognized by us and the tourists visiting our beautiful country!

“Do not disturb” is the taboo sign that answers you personally, depending on the question you are addressing! Eccentric or exquisite, elegant or sleepy, it’s hanged on the door and invites you!


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